Why Cannot I Share My Business Page On Facebook

Why Cannot I Share My Business Page On Facebook

Next, ensure that you have verified your account with a cell phone or credit card. If your account just isn’t verified, or you could have solely verified your account utilizing one other method, then you definitely is probably not permitted to add any new apps. I wish to create an software for this “page”, the place posts can come from an exterior web site. I actually have gone via this course of earlier than with other regular Facebook accounts.

If after you log in, an empty white screen appears, Facebook suggests refreshing the web page or ensuring that JavaScript is enabled in your browser. To examine your JavaScript settings for widespread browsers, right here’s a information. @fubarnews1 Some people experiencing Facebook messenger, Instagram and what’s app messaging issues.

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Under “Cached Web Content,” click on “Clear Now” after which “OK.” Reopen your browser window and direct to Facebook.com. Click “Clear searching data” to complete. Close and reopen your browser and go to Facebook.com. Scroll all the way down to “Tools” and then choose “Clear Browsing Data.” A popup will appear asking what you wish to clear.

why is my facebook not working

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If that’s the case, you’ll be able to look at Downforeveryoneorjustme.com for info on whether the site is up or down. You can even verify with pals or family to see if Facebook is working for them. Click “Delete information,” “Delete cookies” and “Delete history.” Click “OK” to exit and reopen your browser.

Sometimes, insufficient reminiscence on your cellular gadget may cause problems along with your Facebook app. If you have less than 100MB available, clear some space by deleting pointless apps or pictures and movies to allow the Facebook app to update. @kaybytestech @iSlimfit Facebook had a technical concern affecting WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram customers. Service outage lasted about 45 minutes. @mynamespat @SpotifyCares I cannot appear to go online to the app using Facebook. I’ve uninstalled then reinstalled the app however this hasn’t resolved the problem.

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