David Dobrik Exits Photo App After Durte Dom Rape Allegation

David Dobrik Exits Photo App After Durte Dom Rape Allegation

By the tip of that channel in 2015, Dobrik and company had gained over 18,000 subscribers. Dobrik launched his personal YouTube channel, David Dobrik, in 2015. Since its inception, videos on this channel have been comedy vlogs based on actual-life situations and semi-scripted bits, featuring lots of his former Vine collaborators. In August 2016, Dobrik created his second channel, David Dobrik Too, the place he posts blooper reels, challenge movies, and his extra direct sponsorship deals. He helped David shoot a lot of his first YouTube movies and has been featured within the very first vlogs.

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YouTube doesn’t appear to have taken motion against Dobrik’s channel. Business Insider discovered that 11 manufacturers, including HelloFresh, EA Sports, Dollar Shave Club, and Facebook say they’re no longer working with him. PopCrave reports that Chipotle, which just lately named a burrito after Dobrik, has dropped him. And TubeFilter reviews that SeatGeek — beforehand considered one of Dobrik’s greatest advertisers, having sponsored a number of videos by which he offers away cars to family and friends — also says it does not have plans to work with him. On March 22, 2021, Dobrik launched a brand new apology video saying that he “couldn’t wrap my head round a childhood good friend doing this to folks and actually hurting people” and that he “made the decision to not movie with Dom in 2019.” “It’s really cool to be a part of the Vlog Squad, such a big entity, but on the identical time we’ve to distinguish and transfer past that,” Zeglaitis mentioned in a November 2019 podcast about his leave of absence from the vlogs.

Extra Dom Zeglaitis Videos

The vlog, which was removed, reportedly at Hannah’s request, included a staged threesome with the women and Dom. In 2017, fellow YouTuber Ally Hardesty put out a video alleging that Dom had forcibly kissed her and groped her at a celebration. At the time, her video obtained lots of hate, and while the comments have lately been flooded with people offering their support to her, the video has greater than sixteen,000 dislikes compared to only 22,000 likes. Ally Hardesty and different girls accuse Dom of sexual assault and misconduct.

Many girls have additionally accused squad member Dominykas “Durte Dom” Zeglaitis of sexual assault. A video from 2020 has now surfaced, with a TikToker accusing him of forcing himself on her on the pretext of an introduction to Dobrik. Stating that they were given alcohol as minors and coerced by folks they idolized, the Vlog Squad members specifically Durte Dom had coerced them into a kiss to feature in the vlog. As the day progressed the two women claim they were put in a sexually compromising situation too intoxicated to consent to. Another further from the vlog has come forward to share her experience with the Vlog Squad and the actions of David Dobrik and Durte Dom.

Durte Dom Adopted Grander Gestures To Get Into Dobrik’s Vlogs

That similar month, Dobrik, alongside Keke Palmer, hosted a 12 months-finish special known as “Peace Out 2020’” on Facebook Watch which highlights memorable moments and memes from the 12 months 2020. In April 2020, Dobrik was named a second time in a row as the Number 1 influencer and character to observe throughout social media by teenagers primarily based on the survey by the Piper Jaffray & Co. In October 2019, Dobrik was named the Number 1 influencer and persona to observe on social media by teenagers based mostly on the survey by the Piper Jaffray & Co. There are nonetheless 18 million individuals subscribed to Dobrik’s YouTube channel alone, so it’s not as if his audience is gone. But sponsors are a giant part of the way in which that top YouTubers earn money, because it insulates them from the uncertainties of YouTube’s constructed-in promoting system.

  • Dobrik was featured by The Verge as one of many YouTubers who discovered the way to make podcasts work on YouTube, regardless of the location’s emphasis on video-first content material.
  • Since its inception, videos on this channel have been comedy vlogs primarily based on real-life conditions and semi-scripted bits, featuring many of his former Vine collaborators.
  • He’d wear speedos for clickbait, arrange a “private club” in his kitchen, and throw a massive party in his own condo to get featured within the vlog.
  • Zeglaitis was previously a part of the Vlog Squad, Dobrik’s inside circle who films content for YouTube, TikTok and different social media platforms together.

2015 vlogs feature bits where Zeglaitis yells for “sluts” off his balcony, asks if the most recent iPhone can check for “AIDS and Chlamydia,” and exhibits stacks of cash, while Dobrik asks if he earned it from “selling drugs.” After appearing a half-dozen occasions as Zeglaitis, his persona, “Durte Dom,” becomes outlined as a drug vendor. In a number of vlogs throughout 2015, he made jokes about his phony profession, with claims that he “simply got again from jail” and that “drugs are the key to life.” The Durte Dom character evolved over the four years he appeared as a daily in Dobrik’s so-called Vlog Squad videos, which feature a rotating collection of well-liked YouTubers and former Viners in Dobrik’s orbit.

David and the Vlog Squad are recognized for their quick-paced comedy movies which have been described as “half-scripted.” The content material feels like a mixture of reality TV, improv, and situational comedy. The friends piled into one of their vehicles to go shoot a video with Dobrik’s YouTube-famous posse the Vlog Squad. Hannah knew her friends watched movies made by the group, but had no concept how well-known they actually have been. The identical woman says she was raped and that she believes the video’s portrayal of the sex as consensual is inaccurate. Zeglaitis did not respond instantly to The Times’ request for remark. He previously declined to touch upon Hannah’s account when reached by Insider and has not been energetic on YouTube or social media for the reason that story surfaced.

Advertisers Are Fleeing David Dobrik Over Vlog Squad Sexual Assault Allegations

While posting on his own channel, Zeglaitis still appeared in a lot of Dobrik’s vlogs. One March 2017 video featured a room full of kids in their shared house, as the youngsters chanted for Ernst to take his shirt off. Zeglaitis requested if any of their moms could come upstairs, and stated that he could “out smoke” all the youngsters. The character was extraordinarily necessary to Dobrik’s vlogs, with several of his own Vlog Squad inside jokes. In the video “PAPPARAZZI!!?,” a operating joke that might last for years is born, as Dobrik offers Zeglaitis the prospect to shout out his social-media handles, solely to chop him off earlier than the clip finishes.

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